Are you a wannabe 'Master Stepz' or a buddin' 'Jigs'?

If you are aged 25 or under we can help with industry standard training, leading to an Accredited Certificate.

Implicit in the training will be the personal development of the participants who, through gaining practical experience of working as part of a team, will also build confidence and improve their interpersonal skills.


The project aims to provide participants with:
  • An accreditation for work completed
  • Effective communication skills
  • Effective team work skills
  • Enterprise skills
  • Language skills
  • Skills in manipulating studio equipment to produce materials for radio and other forms of media
  • Time management skills
  • Voice training techniques (speaking)


1. Communication skills/ talking on radio

2. Interview techniques

3. Operating a portable mini disc recorder

4. Operating a studio

5. Writing for radio

6. Microphone presentation

7. Using industry software to edit

8. Mixing music for jingles

9. DJ Skills for radio

10. Learn editing, djing, studio operation, producing, writing for a radio.