Family Friends has been established since1978. It is a charity designed to provide a range of services to black and other disadvantaged families in the London Borough of Lambeth. It has extended its brief to provide capacity and build initiatives to women and young people aged 13-25 who are socially and economically excluded.

The charity is governed by its constitution dated 18 July 1982 to provide services in furtherance of its objectives as stated.



Our mission is the general advancement, social inclusion and well being of minorities and other disadvantaged families with children in Lambeth.



Our key objective is to deliver programmes in the interest of social and economic welfare to improve the quality of life of Lambeth residents.



The organisations out of school facilities provide a safe and stimulating environment for children including: two after school clubs, a breakfast club, three half-term projects, a summer and Easter project, offering 501 places for children and young people in Lambeth throughout the year. The largest user group are children of primary school age, which comprises over two thirds of all children who are registered to use the service. Beneficiaries include; single parents on low income, parents seeking to return to the labour market parents who are employed as shift workers with early start duties. Parents are able to utilize these provisions to suit their needs.



As part of our core provision Family Friends offers voluntary work to unemployed people. This mutual arrangement benefits both the volunteers and the organisation. The organisation ensures volunteers receive hands-on training and work experience, exposing them to work in a professional childcare setting in order to gain relevant and practical experience. This ultimately empowers them to make decisions about their future career path.